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celebrate the day with extra ordinary balloon bouquets
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Note: ADD each color only ONCE for EACH kit. If you have questions, please email or call us.

Link-O-Loon Dance Floor Canopy Decorating Kit

Link-O-Loon Dance Floor Canopy Decorating Kit

Single Link-O-Loon Arch with Curling Ribbon Balloon Decorating Kit
two 4ft Columns with one 24ft Link-O-Loon Arch Balloon Decorating Kit

10' High x 20' Wide. Easy Party Decoration.
~Just Add Helium~
note: Spread the legs wider to make the canopy wider and the height shorter.

10' High x 10' Wide. Easy Party Decoration.
~Just Add Helium~
note: Spread the legs wider to make the canopy wider and the height shorter.

~30 Total Length
~Just Add Helium~
note: Spread the legs wider to make the arch wider and the height shorter.

~You must order two kits if you want it to look as displayed in photo above.
~32 Total Length
~Add Helium to Link-O-Loons~
~Includes Hand Air Inflator for base

LINK-O-LOONS® so easy! 25 Balloons tied together without any wire or string. 25 link-o-loons makes a 25 foot arch!!
The LINK-O-LOON® is a standard latex balloon, but with a very distinctive difference It has an elongated tail which is used to tie it by hand to another balloon or LINK-O-LOON®
Complex shapes and sculptures can also be constructed without props, frames or other supports.
LINK-O-LOONS® are available in a variety of colors - including Fashion, Pearl, Crystal and Metallic colors!


Plastic Hand Air Inflator   Cow Print Linkoloon

6inch pearl white linkoloon6inch bubble gum pink linkoloon6inch black linkoloon6inch silver linkoloon6inch gold linkoloon

birthday linkoloons

Easily makes a 12' Balloon Arch
Instructions and two 17" latex to make weights Included
Size: 12" Latex
Quantity: Bag of 12 $9
Color Choices

9in Plastic Hand Air Inflator
NOTE: This item Pumps Air in Both Directions
Gets the Job done with Ease
$6.69 ea
~A Must when working with 5in Latex!
Cow Print Linkoloons
to make Balloon Arch (includes instructions)

11" Latex Linkoloons
Bag of 12 (12ft arch)$8.50

Solid Color 6in Link Balloons
Perfect for making swags, garland and more
Bag of 25
Color Choices

Printed "Happy Birthday" design.
Includes crystal fuchsia, red, yellow, green, blue & violet.
Specialty decor latex balloons designed to be tied together.
Easily makes a 16' Balloon Arch
Balloons for weights and Instructions Included
Size: 12" Latex, Qty: Bag of 16

heart party balloon column decor
Alluring Heart Column
Do-It-Yourself Balloon Decorating Kit
Heart size: 5ft Base size: 2ft
Color: Red and White

want another color? Email to confirm availability.

mickey mouse balloon decor using linkoloon

Graduation Balloon Column using Linkoloons

balloon wall do it yourself kit
This is a DIY balloon wall kit perfect for a party theme in any color combination. Includes balloons, hand air inflator and command hooks for hanging. Assembles easy and quick. This is intended for indoor use only on drywall/flat surfaces.
Size: 5ft w x 5ft t, made with 5" latex balloons
*submit color/s at checkout or send an email.

  flower arch using linkoloonClick for DIY Kit   patriotic arch using linkoloon   linkoloon arch for a wedding   linkoloon single balloon arch
Popular Balloon Creations:

* Stars for patriotic themes and proms   * Numbers to make years for class reunions, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and sweet-16 events  * Snowflakes for winter celebrations  * Bells for weddings, anniversaries and christmas functions
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